Pedro Quijada Leyton

Game programmer with good level of mathematics skills and knowledge of C#, C++, Java and HTML5.

Glass Simulator

Solo project - 5th of May, 2015

A glass break simulator developed in Unity. The challenge was to create a project which used physics so I came out with a breaking glass simulator. This project is about breaking a panel of glass or window of 3m x 2m x 0.5mm with a sphere projectile with different initial values. The models of the arc, floor and windows were created using Autodesk Maya.


The objective was to create a project using physics, after brainstorming a while I realized how attractive and fun is to break and see a glass breaking, so with this idea on mind I start researching about glass physics; the maximum pressure (yield) before it breaks, the density, the elasticity and other properties to consider when the objective is to break it. I consider and as all my project can tell, the visual representation is very important for me, so insted of just putting a white window in a wall, I create an arc and modeled the windows in Maya, simulating stained glass.


To allow the projectile to break the glass, I put a mesh with collider and no mesh renderer surrounding the windows models, I called this mesh the "trigger mesh", it is in charge of calculate all the properties of the projectile before it hits the glass. If mesh calculate that the projectile has enough energy to break the glass, it will trigger off the full window model and turn on the broken window mesh, simulating the projectile hitting the window without even getting into real contact with full window model. The properties of the projectile are available to change in the user interface; the weight in centimetres, the weight in kilos and the initial throwing energy of the projectile.