Pedro Quijada Leyton

Game programmer with good level of mathematics skills and knowledge of C#, C++, Java and HTML5.

The Woods

Team project - 5th of May, 2015

The game is about to survive and reach your friends in the other side of the map; a forest with no light except for the moonlight and the flashlight of the smartphone. The idea for this game is similar to my previous project called The Light where the concept and behaviour of the AI is similar; the differences between both projects are the models of the environment, a gameplay, an user interface between others. The main menu is composed by the play, credits and exit button; the credits button shows the smartphone on the table of the UI with the team members and the roles of every one of us, the main menu is animated with lightings, camera animations, rain, phone light between others. All the models were created using AutoDesk Maya.


The whole game happens in a forest in the middle of nowhere, the aim of the team was to create a spooky forest, using fog and other elements to generate the atmosphere of terror. The monster was created using AutoDesk Maya and inspired by bigfoot; this model has 3 animations: walking, standing and attacking. The walking, standing and attacking animation are triggered by the AI, when the monster is moving the walking animation is played and when the monster is hiding behind trees the standing animation is triggered and the attacking animation is only shown when the player is dead.


The gameplay of the game is about the player reaching their friends and for this, they have to cross the whole map. The player's friends are us, the team who developed the game; the player will receive messages through the smartphone with clues which will help (or not) the player to reach the destination. In this first build of the game the player can not interact with the messages and smartphone but for future versions we want to create a fully interactive smartphone where the player could check for pictures and understand the situation a little bit better and send messages which affect the monster behaviour.