Pedro Quijada Leyton

Game programmer with good level of mathematics skills and knowledge of C#, C++, Java and HTML5.


Solo project - October 2010 to the date

Carretera is a mobile application that determines the total cost of a journey to make by route in Chile, taking in consideration the cost on fuel and tolls on the road. I have been developing this application since October 2010 and keeping it up to date since then. The application is developed in HTML5, JS and CSS and it is available for iOS and Android devices.

The application offer the user to have an account where they can save their places / home (to choose as origin or destination) and their automoviles, setting the consumption of them for a more precise calculation. Nowadays (March 2015) the users registered are more than 20.000, with more than 10.000 places and 20.000 automoviles. Carretera also allows the user to add markers in the map to point the location of restaurants, fuel stations, rest areas, hotels, wineries, etc., so the users contribute to make the application better.

To the date (March 2015) there are 75.000 downloads on the AppStore and 40.000 on the GooglePlay approximately with an average rating of 4 out of 5.