iReadMore is a new reading therapy for improving single word reading ability.It is for people with an acquired reading disorder (alexia) or aphasia due to a stroke, brain injury or dementia.
iReadMore Features:

  • Adaptive Algorithm - iReadMore adapts to your abilities, keeping the therapy relevant and challenging. Self-led Therapy - iReadMore allows you to be in control of your own therapy with unlimited access.
  • Science-Driven and Clinically-Proven Results - All of our therapies are developed through years of dedicated research at University College London by a team of scientists and clinicians.
  • Integrated Feedback - Complete reading tests and see your own progress.
Research Summary:
  • iReadMore therapy has been tested in two clinical trials. It was shown to improve reading ability in people with pure alexia (Woodhead et al., 2013) and central alexia (Woodhead et al., 2018)
  • In the clinical trial of iReadMore for central alexia (the most common form of acquired reading disorder), the average improvement in reading accuracy was 8.7% for trained words. Three months after finishing the therapy, users still had significantly better reading ability than before they started.
  • Anonymised results from the app will be collected to test how effective the app is and to improve our understanding of reading rehabilitation.
For more information and help getting started with iReadMore, please visit: